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We are a family, passionately worshiping and seeking our creator together, joyfully supporting each other and reaching out to our community in love.


Sumner... A City With a Future

We love our small town, the sense of family and community involvement. 

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The Evangelical Church exists to see lives transformed through faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and mobilized with His body (the church) on His Mission.



The 66 books of the Old and New Testament are the writings through which God has communicated His plan for humanity.  They are authored by God through human instruments, and are without mistakes as originally written and therefore carry the full authority of God. As such, they represent the complete revelation of His will for salvation, and contain all that is necessary to live a life pleasing to Him.



There is but one true and living God, creator of all things, existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three are perfect (Holy), co-eternal and of equal dignity and power.  Each person of the Godhead has a vital role in the salvation of man, and in enabling man to lead a life pleasing to God. 



Man is created in God's spiritual image to have a relationship with Him and rule the earth on His behalf. However, as a result of man's disobedience (sin), he is separated from God, with no hope of restoration apart from God's intervention. 



Salvation is the restoration of an individual’s relationship with God.  It is possible because God the Father so loved mankind that He sent His Son (Jesus Christ), who willingly sacrificed His life to forgive our sins and then rose again, enabling His Holy Spirit to dwell in us.  Salvation can only be obtained when an individual turns from disobedience (repents) and receives God's gracious gift through faith in Jesus Christ. 



Sanctification is God's will for those who have been restored to a relationship with Him. Having freed them from the penalty of sin through faith in His Son, God now requires that believers live holy lives, set apart (sanctified) from the power of sin.  A sanctified life is only possible through reliance upon the Holy Spirit, and daily surrender to His presence. 



All believers in Christ are united by their faith, and are part of the spiritual body of Christ, which is His Church.  Each member plays a unique, essential role in fulfilling the mission of spreading the message of salvation, and displaying the love of God. Through teaching, prayer, fellowship, and worship, the Church provides the believer with the support they need to fulfill the mission. 



At the end of time, Christ will come again. He will divide the believers in Christ from the unbelievers. Those who have rejected Christ will be eternally separated from God and suffer endless punishment in hell. Those who have believed in Christ will go on to endless life in heaven and an eternal state of rewards.

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